Elena Brower + elenabrower.com

Loving, sweet, real, and the most authentic yoga teacher I have yet to meet. Elena is a complete blessing to my life. She is the sole reason I started meditating daily. Elena is the co-author of “Art of Attention” and the creator of “Art of Attention Meditation” course. Her work has been invaluable to me and inspires me to keep my teachings relative, inspired and down to earth for my students. I am thrilled that she is a teacher on YogaGlo.com so I can practice with her on a regular basis.


Tiffany Cruikshank + yogamedicine.com

To me, Tiffany is pure fun. Her youthful style and “whistles” in class will keep you light hearted, open to try anything and feeling confident in your body. Her sequence of asana is balanced so astutely, that you'll receive a physical therapy session during your yoga practice without even knowing it. Tiffany is passionate about uniting yoga teachers and western doctors to work together to create a more holistic approach to healthcare. Her newest book, "Meditate your Weight" is a must read for any practitioner.


Dr. Yang Yang + centerfortaiji.com

Master Yang is positively one of the most joyful persons I have ever met. His teachings on Qigong, functional meditation, and reality are supporting my personal relationships and my kinship with life. Master Yang is a highly decorated martial artist and the author of the award-winning book, Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power. He currently teaches Taiji & Qigong at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, as well as public classes. With a giant smile and deepest gratitude, I am honored to call him my teacher.


Sudha Carolyn Lundeen + sudhalundeen.com

Sudha is an inspirational cancer survivor, a healer and someone I will never be able to say "thank you" to enough. She is my revered teacher of self care and restorative yoga. I was attending a women’s retreat (my first weekend away after having my first child). I was exhausted, emotionally unbalanced from a traumatic birth, and desperate for some self care. Let’s just say I left that weekend a completely different person. This woman is one of the greatest gifts the yoga community will ever see. You can work with her at Kripalu or on DVD here or here.

Mark Whitwell + heartofyoga.com

Known as the teacher of teachers and a rare vessel of ancient knowledge; Mark is a direct student of both T. Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar. I waited 10 years to work with Mark in person and it was worth every day of waiting.  I will forever remember our chat at the end of class when he endowed me with empowerment to step into "my own" as a teacher.  "The Promise" is his latest book that will bless you with the simplest of practices -  practice itself.


Lee Albert + leealbert.com

Lee, NMT, is an incredible teacher of the human body.  He takes something quite complicated and breaks it down to the most essential of elements. Dedicated to helping people help themselves, Lee created Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT), - protocols to reduce and often eliminate chronic pain. He is the author of the book, Live Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery. His teachings have deeply influenced the poses I am teaching and the way I encourage students to rebalance their bodies.


Max Strom + maxstrom.com

The gentle giant is my nickname for Max. His quiet demeanor, grace and kindness will awaken parts of your soul you never knew existed. Max conducts trainings worldwide, is a phenomenal public speaker and is the author of “A Life Worth Breathing” and "There is No App for Happiness". Max helped me to connect to my mother in one of the most meaningful ways I could have ever have imagined - simply by dedicating my breath to her every time I breathe. It was one of the most profound moments in my meditative practice. I am forever indebted.


John Unni + stceciliaboston.org

Quite possibly my most important teacher. The one who brings me home every Sunday. Father John has the gift of gab. He is magnetic, compassionate, and the most relatable Catholic priest you’ll ever meet. He has guided and supported me through some of the most difficult times in my life. He will take you into his arms, show you a home, guide your heart in the right direction and set the tone for your week - all in the name of the greatest giver and lover of all, Jesus.

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