I recently watched the movie, "Inside Out" with my two kiddos.  I'm not a promoter of kids films, but this is truly one of the best films (kid or adult) I have seen in a very long time.  The movie talks about how emotions are the "control center" of every interaction that we have.  And it's true, we have them everyday, seamlessly or abruptly, singularly or mixed together like a swirly marble.

Keeping your emotions swept aside or locked up to create a certain appearance or a false sense of ease, will only grant you unhappiness, ungratefulness and ultimately a feeling of unworthiness.  A teacher of mine, Elena Brower, said, "most of life is coming from us, not at us".  You have the capacity to experience life from a place of calm steadiness or from chaotic drama.

Acknowledge the underpinnings of your emotions.  What is currently going on in your life?  How are you promoting balance for yourself? And how are you communicating what you need?  When you feed yourself holistically (not just through food but through rest, movement, meditation, spiritual faith and supportive relationships) you can start moving from a place of calm steadiness.  And I believe this is one of the most sought after ways of living.  It takes practice, discipline, and a tenderness that may press you far beyond your comfort zone. 

This week, take the time to be conscious of what and how you really feel.  Observe.  Listen closely.  You can't necessarily change how you feel but you are in control of how you are nourishing yourself. The emotions that arise won't always be pleasant but allow yourself the authenticity to feel them all.  Practice sensitivity to your thinking and those around you.  Release your judgements. It's OK to feel what you are feeling. Let yourself live from a place of steadiness, wholeness, compassion and grace.