Ahhh, summer fruit - I love you.  But sometimes I want you without the excess fiber.  Juicing is a great option.  I drink a veggie/fruit homemade juice about once a week.  Maybe twice.  They taste awesome, you get tons of vitamins and minerals without all the fibrous bulk.  (Now, don’t get me wrong, fiber is GREAT for you but if you are already getting plenty, sometimes your digestive track just needs a little break. 

I’m working on a way to use all my fibrous pulp that is leftover after juicing.  A quick-bread/muffin recipe is in the works.  For now, enjoy the green juice recipe below and compost your pulp if you can.

1/4 of a whole watermelon (cut off the rind)

1 stalk celery

large handful of mint

1/2 cucumber

1/2 - 1 whole lime

A large pinch of pink Himalayan salt

2-3 cups of spinach/chard/collards (any greens work really)

1 c pineapple fresh or if frozen, thaw it first

Sprinkle your salt over the watermelon and send all the ingredients through your juicer.  Give it a little stir as it comes out and enjoy the taste of summer.

Yields 15-16 oz about 2 servings.