With Facebook and Instagram overflowing with photos of yogis doing crazy (or not so crazy) postures I have been asked, "Why don’t you post more pictures of yourself doing yoga?".  And the answer is pretty simple: 

  1. I have two kids.  When I have time to practice, I do not want to spend time setting up a perfect picture.  I just want to practice.
  2. It is misleading at best.  People don’t realize that often the practitioner did an hour practice (or longer) to warm up for that pose that they just photographed and posted.  In some ways, I think this makes the physical practice seem unattainable for folks.  
  3. It often (but not always) takes the real yoga “out of the picture”.  I’ve been photographed professionally and let me tell you, those poses feel nothing like the ones I do during my personal practice.  The ones during my regular practice are an authentic opening of my body on that given day. They are done with attention, ease and focus.  It is very difficult to have that same experience when the photographer is saying, “can you lift your back leg a little higher?. . . ok,  now relax your face, . . . not like you are sleepy, ok, smile, but softer“.  You get the picture, no pun intended.  Or worse, you are trying to manipulate yourself into the pose while running back and forth from your mat to the camera until you capture your "serene moment".

So, of course I will occasionally post a picture of myself doing yoga.  Generally its a professional photograph or a shot that my husband was able to catch in the moment.  However, I'd much rather set up my I Phone in one spot, hit the record button and start my practice.  Then, I'll put the practice into a short movie clip. The result is a pretty honest representation of the way I practice.  (And I enjoy playing around with I Movie - its a fun and creative outlet for me.)

And now you know why you don't see tons of pictures of me doing yoga. So, do you “like / heart” that?