If you are unfamiliar with Lululemon as a company . . . let me familiarize you.  You may want to know what you are supporting with your consumer dollar; especially when you are shelling out over a hundred of them for a pair of stretchy pants.  Their once high quality goods that were made in Canada are no longer.  You may know about their "transparency" problems . . . if not, you can get a clearer picture of their debacle here.  And you can read about their former CEO (here) to get a sense of the company's origin.

And now Lululemon, you have done it again.  I’ll admit, I do have 8 pieces of lululemon clothing (I just went upstairs to count).  I bought them back in 2006 when quality control was not a problem and news of the ex-CEO was not public.  In fact, Lululemon does such a brilliant job of marketing their products, you are made to feel that you are supporting much more than your perky backside with its creatively, curvy seam line.  They have cleverly sucked you in through their "sustainability vision" and "metta movement" but don't be fooled. 

And now for their latest product du jour. . . (drum roll, please). . . beer.  That’s right, you read it correctly, beer.  They are marketing their "Curiosity Lager" through their Men's collection (because apparently, women aren't into beer).  I find it interesting that a company which is dedicated to selling "healthy lifestyle" products is now selling a beverage which I wouldn't exactly say is nourishing, but it is profitable.  Oh, but wait, there are "lemon drop hops" in their beer; lemons are healthy, right?  I guess tea wasn't sexy enough.

To get your week started off with a great big beer-belly laugh, read the full story here.  (Be aware, the article does drop the “F bomb” a couple times.)  Hope you have a good chuckle and shop sedulously.