Music is a key component in my yoga classes.  I believe in its power to create an enhanced experience for students.  When carefully selected, music can devise just the right vibe, calm the senses and inspire movement in ways that would not be possible in silence.  

I have recently come across the musicians, Aya and Tyler.  Their album, “Oshuns of Love”, is truly hypnotic.  I find myself often playing their alluring and sensual melodies when I am seeking a calmer state of mind.  Sometimes that is on my mat and more recently, they are lulling me to a state of serenity in my car.  Their bewitching vocals create a spaciousness in Boston’s constricted traffic jams and I am left feeling more peaceful one flashing brake light at a time. 

You can listen to their album for free on their website here .  Or purchase it and have the freedom to listen on any of your devices.  Rest assured, “Oshuns of Love” will be entering my playlist in class very soon.  Happy listening.