What you do matters; it’s just that simple.  Now, how do you contribute?  It’s a big question, right?  It can be thought of on so many levels.  How are you contributing at home, at work, with friends, to life’s greater good?  What is so sublime about contribution is that it is unlike success and failure.  From the book, The Art of Possibility, Benjamin Zander says, “contribution has no other side. It is not arrived at by comparison.”

In his book, he tells a story about a man walking the beach and in the distance he sees a woman bending down, standing up, and then casting her arm out towards the ocean in a arc.  It appears as if she is doing an ancient dance.  As he gets closer, he sees that the beach is covered with starfish.  The woman is throwing them back to the water one at a time.  Cynically, he makes light of the situation and says to her, “what difference can saving a few of them possibly make?”  And smiling, she gracefully tosses another starfish back to the sea and answers him, “It certainly makes a difference to this one.”

I challenge you to remember that your actions, thoughts, and words are all contributions; they matter.  We often never know their effects (be it positive or negative) but one thing I do know for sure, the effects are real, they compound and they do indeed matter.  This week, see if you can let go of the questions around “is it enough?” or “what have I accomplished?”.  Rather, try to enter the realm of “how will I be a contribution today?”.  At the end of the day, notice how you feel about your actions and your contributions.  If you were truly contributing from your heart, it was certainly the best you could give in that moment and it was definitely enough.