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When practicing Vinyasa Flow, great attention can be placed on keeping the class moving.  Sometimes more challenging poses, like arm balances, can get glossed over.  In this workshop, you will slow it down and I will teach you how to:

  • Implement the 5 key actions to make your arm balancing adept. You will work predominantly with the crow family of arm balances and tripod headstand. (You can expect lots of variations and linking of poses.)
  • Take care of your body while learning the art of flying.  Wrist therapy and core cultivation will be included throughout to create a balanced and wise practice.

This workshop will be fun and light-hearted with lots of room for exploration.  I will give detailed instructions and time for questions.  Come prepared to sweat and have a great time. Students should take at least one Flow class with me prior to the workshop. 

This workshop is not suitable for pregnant women, students with eye injuries or injuries to the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist. Sign up here